Rate your employment services provider

Another fabulous podcast by 3CR's Anne and Kevin on the SUWA show.

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Rate your employment services provider.

David O'Halloran - PHD Monash Primary Health Care - Interviews with unemployed 

employment services and what goes on in the exchange between an unemployed worker and their service provider.

  • All services are contracted out to private providers (unusual in OECD countries) longer than any country in the world.
  • Parking - service providers minimises services too hard to find work
  • Creaming - easy to help, likely to find work, so they get more services
  • why people dont go to employment service appointments ? started the investigation:
    • dont go because not usefule and experience is damaging and people see it as self defence.
    • research is looking to recommend improvements.
  • current project:
    • what experiences regarding parking and creaming
    • what effect have these practices had on you
    • how can they be stopped
      • "parking" was familiar to every participant even if they didn't know the term
      • always too "something" to be eligible for work
      • pointless appointments is a form of parking
  • companies get a contract between 3-5 years job active - privatised aspect
  • useless and damaging for $1.3b per year.
  • parking has a damaging affect making people feel unemployable

There is a counter narrative - enables people to do other things that they want to do - creates space (sancturay) and focus on things like health and wellbeing, community, etc.

But could change without notice.  A sense of unknown - live in the present.

2 large scale surveys unemployed workers about their experience with their providers.

  • Start with the assumption unemplyed workers want high quality employment services.
  • People want useful help in finding work.
  • Understand the requirements of the unemployed workers.
  • The system is failing.
  • The star rating system used to value service providers.  More stars they get contract renewed.
  • Clients with jobs is the rating driver - pick winners.
  • System to judge the quality of a provider so they can shop around.  Market power back to the consumer.
  • Monopsy - one customer is dept of employment.  Unemployed workers cannot use their marketing power to make choices that will help them.
  • What's important:
    • USEFUL appointment needs to be useful - fix it or help people fix it
    • Needs to focus on you and be relevant to want you want - client centred
    • Subsequent appointments responsiveness to feedback
    • Whatever Plan A is, needs to be reasonable - set up to win (not fail), e.g., number of job searches
    • Be fair (not bullying) - many service providers bully their clients - culture that supports the bullying.  Public humiliation.
    • Trustworthy - asymetric knowledge for good management. What is said is what is meant.  Explain things. Do what you said you would do.
    • Rapport - friendly but useless (me: empathy, knowledge, effective use of tools).
  • Experience rather than satisfaction - tells people what they can do about it.
  • The impact on Digital - the survey is primarily face to face.
  • Digital is being trialled who are digitally literate.  Expanded because of Covid-19.

Service providers know there are not enough jobs.

Government knows there is no service to deliver because there are no jobs.  Contract pressures the agencies in a certain way - even though there is no hope of people getting a job regardless of fit.

Gap between Agencies and Department.

Ombudsman and Rating System.

Can be used as a tool for unemployed workers to see how the service providers are performing.

Hotline for unemployed workers - AEWU - volunteers.  Advocacy team.  1800 289 848 - 10 til 2. - Employment services and mutual obligations.

  • Job Active Deed
  • Disability Services Deed

Mutual obligations are changing

More questions coming through Social Media - FB and Twitter AEWU, etc.  Answers are public - like a FAQ forum.  Significant proportion of questions are about the Centrelink system.

Social Security Rights Network - state based service.  Centrelink type enquiries.

Solutions - Job Guarantee - how employment services would act as a bridge - validity and role of Government guraranteeing everyone a job. Supply side model. 

  • Demand side model
  • Universal basic income (no strings).
  • (COVID-19) Job Keeper = Job Guarantee
  • Basic income improves lives.
  • UBI - mutual obligations (removal)

Automation - of low paying, menial work rather than replaces workers - lifting reservation wages - will increase the roll out of automation.

Labour market needs to be agile - not necessarily the case.  Planning and forethought about what people do and what their capabilities are. Locations, education, skills.

Buffer stock jobs - scale up and down depending upon what's needed. What's being described like aged care services is not "buffer stock".

(Me) People still need more than "basic income" - people need a sense of purpose.

  • Job Seeker = UBI
  • Job Keeper = Job Guarantee (JG) - absorb unemployment during economic impacts.
  • Organise workers to come and go (scaling up and down).  Web of opportunity when you are doing something rather than doing nothing.

"This shows how doable it is."

The Deficit Myth: Modern Monetary Theory and the Birth of the People's Economy - Stephanie Kelton

"Very american but can easily be translated into Australian - read RBA in place of American Federal Reserve and you'll be right."

The Deficit Myth @ Booktopia

06 December 2021


06 December 2021

06 December 2021

06 December 2021

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06 December 2021

06 December 2021

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