The New Government 2022

I am assuming a complete wipe out of the LNP from the face of Australian politics with the resulting Parliamentary make up being  ALP 48%, Greens 25%, TNL 20%, Independants 8%.* 151 seats House of Reps) - (Senate - 76 Senators)

Newly elected Govt to do list (revised).

1. Social Security - Entitlements

Immediately implement raise in Centrelink, NDIS and aged pension. - that will kick start the economy and help people who have been bullied and bludgeoned by the LNP numpties

 2. Health care / Aged care / Schools carnage

a. People

i. Sick ii. Carers iii. Families

b. Buildings

i. Location

ii. Capacity

iii. Fit for Purpose

iv. Acute / Recovery

c. Contagion

i. Movement

ii. Buildings

iii. Prevention / Reducing Severity / Recovery

3. Immediately publish every FOI request made in the last 8 years.

4. Set in motion the change to media ownership laws to prevent the Murdoch disaster continuing/repeating.

5. Get rid of every pentacostal numptie from the public service, consultancy, etc. re-employ experienced public servants who have been pushed out of the system.

6. Immediately stop all external consultancies – they are largely a huge waste of money and are LNP cronies and recall all of the LNP numpties currently sitting in cushy jobs throughout the world. Stop their salaries and perks.

7. Begin the proceedings for UBI 8. Review all sales of National Assets such as 45 hospitals, TAFE’s, etc. and determine the depth and breadth of unethical, illegal behaviour and then ensure restitution of all assets.

8. Process every person currently being held in detention within 2 months. In the meantime, release them into open and comfortable accommodation. – Insist the high court sit 7 days a week until every person has been processed fairly.

9. Make education free.

10. Restore Medicare to its original status.

11. Restore TAFE 13. Issue contracts to Australian businesses – cancel the subs. Or insist the specs are modified and they are built here as aerial water bombers.

12. Set up an ICAC .

06 December 2022


06 December 2022

06 December 2022

06 December 2022

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06 December 2022

06 December 2022

06 December 2022