What We Need

We need a credible alternative to the current Liberal National Party.

What are the characteristics of this alternative?

Forward thinking - presenting solutions.  As well as highlighting the mistakes and corruption of the current government.  Alternative policies and solutions should also be presented.

Courage - voting and voicing concerns, based on evidence, about actions and policies of government.  And supporting policies that make sense and benefit the community.

Integrity - insist on integrity in all things and practice it.  Do the clean out now and start fresh.  Hiding a mess makes it worse.  Clean it up now.

Competence - ensure the selection of candidates is done with the job in mind - not just winning a seat.  

No fighting in public - work out your differences behind closed doors and come out with  united front.

Reply with both criticism and pro-active statement about how you would handle a problem like this when in government.  Substantiate with numbers and logic.

Keep the discussion on things that matter.

Keep the dicussion on "people of interest"

Keep your eye on the ball - "who precisely do we need to persuade?" What are our true values and how do they translate into sound economic policy.

The Heart of the Problem

What is the problem?

  • Biased media coverage.
  • Manipulation of timing of election and "party promotion disguised as public announcements using taxpayer funds"
  • Misleading registered party names on ballot papers.
  • Misleading campaign material at voting places and distributed in neighbourhoods prior to elections.
  • Deliberate destruction of election material prior to the election.

Election campaigns: New Rules

Each party will be allocated an election fund to spend.

  • An amount per candidate.

There will be up to 5 public forums  allowed for candidates to debate the issues of their electorates. - Town Hall Meetings in each electorate - live feed and distributed across all social media.  No paid promotion.

Names of Parties must be unambiguous and not be confused with currently registered parties.  For those parties registered but ambiguous the parties who most recently registered will need to alter the names.

Election material will be templated with colors and logos to clearly differentiate parties/candidates, but will have set heading space, limited word count and come with a legally binding and accountable terms and conditions of publication.

All election material must be submitted to the AEC within 2 weeks of an election being called.

Campaigning - to prevent the game playing that occurred at the 2016 election.  Election dates will be set 3 months ahead. Campaigning will begin for everyone 3 weeks prior to the Election date.

There will be an embargo on government notices unless related to an emergency or essential service.  An ombudsperson will be appointed to mediate these notices.

23 October 2021


23 October 2021

23 October 2021

23 October 2021

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  • Statements by Senators: COAG Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (2 Sep 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Rex Patrick:...commission, but he has made time to try and nail down the shutters on the government's decision-making. I repeat: he's found time to shut down transparency; he hasn't bothered at all to introduce an ICAC bill. The PM hates scrutiny. He is allergic to transparency. If the national cabinet amendments in this bill are passed through the parliament, responsible cabinet government will be...
  • Statements by Senators: National Anti-Corruption Commission (2 Sep 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Larissa Waters:...ones we know about, and they don't even include the work-based harassment scandals. If this is the highest level of integrity Australians can expect from cabinet ministers, the case for a national ICAC could not be clearer. It's no wonder the Prime Minister doesn't want one: a strong, independent integrity commission would leave half the cabinet table empty.
  • Bills: National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Improving Supports for At Risk Participants) Bill 2021; Second Reading (23 Aug 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Tony Zappia:...of vulnerable people both by the federal and state government agencies that should have been alerted following: firstly, the Oakden affair, and the chief psychiatrist report into that and the ICAC report into Oakden; the events that precipitated the aged-care royal commission and the disability royal commission; and the countless aged-care reports which painted a clear picture of the risks...

23 October 2021

23 October 2021

23 October 2021