Introduction to Efficacy and Integrity in Government

Our political system needs some love and attention.

We are Developing ways to bring individuals together to speak out as a collective voice for fairness, transparency, efficiency and sustainability in all Government policies and activities.

 Philosophical Approach

Lead, Inspire, Enable, Protect, Reward, Share

What are we trying to do?

Offer a Single Point of Truth for people of all ages, views and backgrounds to find out about issues and policies that may impact on their life.

By leveraging the work and thought of thousands of people who care and who produce thoughtful analysis on current issues and people who provide alternatives to current thinking.

Providing a flow of communication with evidence based information to people regardless of their view.

The objective is to inform with evidence and let people make their own decisions.


This is a high-level anecdotal view of the mood and behaviours of the population 

  • People are disallusioned with current public figures who govern.
  • People are under pressure in their daily lives and are bombarded with an overwhelming amount of information.
  • People don't trust publicly elected officials. And "expect" politicans to lie.
  • People "believe" main stream media and are influenced by the perception presented as "truth".
  • "main stream" media are subject to external pressures not to report certain information (example: pre-election reporting (or absence thereof, of critical information) 
  • Only some people read Indpendent Press.
  • People are after entertainment.
  • Everything is too hard, too confusing.  
  • Complacent and unaware.
  • Everything is great, all is good. If it's good for me, then it's good.
  • I am just one person, how can I make a difference.
  • There is a perception of scarcity.
  • There is a lack of understanding of monetary & fiscal policy.

We need leaders.

 What is the Problem we are solving?

  • Uneven flow of wealth throughout society.
  • A lack of empathy for the vulnerable, displaced and disenfranchised. 
  • Inadequate political representation within the current party structure. 
  • A political system that has been corrupted by ineptitude, greed, vested interests and immaturity.
  • Apathy, hopelessness, a sense of helplessness, disengagement and disenfranchised people who are unable or unwilling to engage in the process of pro-active interaction with elected government representatives.
  • Ways to inform and motivate individuals to create a collective voice of reason.
  • Realising the power of technology - free, clean, abundant energy (Nikola Tesla) and electrogravitics (gravity management)

What are we going to do?

Engage people at their own level.

Enabling, informing and motivating  individuals to speak out about the things that affect their lives, families, friends and neighbours.  Create a simple mechanism to amplify the collective voice by identifying major issues affecting our society.

Develop a straight line between policy and need.

Make it the social norm to Share Wealth.

Expect our politicians to be fully informed about what they are voting on.

Change the attitude toward governing and Government from a narrow top down "capitalist" structure to a more compassionate, practical and effecient process that affords well-being and opportunity for every Australian citizen, ally, friend and visitor. Change the narrow monopoly of media and biased incomplete (at best) reporting.

Ensure the flow of wealth runs through the economy and feeds every level of productivity,  fostering well being, promoting trust, compassion, collaboration, sharing and pride in a peaceful vibrant community. 

Change our culture to have a much higher regard for compassion, generosity and efficiency over net worth.

Develop, Share and Release technologies that will provide abundance for all.

Have Zero Tolerance for corruption and unethical behaviour for people elected to office.

The Process

  1. Create Meaningful and Fair Policy Strategies and Structures that address the issues of the flow of wealth, good governance, sustainability.

  2. Inspire individuals who share these values and bring them together in a powerful, collective voice that can change our culture.

  3. Support candidates who are committed to the implementation of these policies (regardless of Party).

  4. Find and Support Leaders who insipire unity, fellowship and compassion.

  5. Continue with Purpose - Iterative and ongoing feedback, refinement and assessment of needs and successes. 

  6. Encourage people to grow, learn, live and attain their goals.

  7. Release knowledge and know how for new technology.

Virtual Party Concept

 With more Independents standing and winning seats in Government, it is important that they are able to provide informed opinion and leadership across the range of issues affecting our economy.  The concept is embodied using an example policy structure that may look like: "12 Pillars" Policies for Fair, Efficient and Effective Government.

The idea is that Independent elected members can form fluid groups to support, amend, debate policies that are intended for legislation.  Using collective resources will enable a more diverse and relevant set of policies.  Independents can join / support / debate /create as many policy areas as they wish and use the collective resource to refine and take to the Parliament.

Candidates can also use these policies to support / debate / initiate as part of their election campaign without having to align themselves with any of the major parties.

Having a published and debated set of policies from a diverse group of elected members of government will provide a more robust way of agreeing a legislative framework that reflects the needs of the electorate. 

  1. Living Wage for 18+ or UBI - Univesal Basic Income
  2. Community and Housing
  3. Learning and Life Experience
  4. Health, Wellness and Spirituality
  5. Government Funding - Money
  6. Immigration and Foreign Policy
  7. Defence and Infrastructure
  8. Natural Resources and Agriculture
  9. Governance, Law and Order
  10. Arts, Science, Innovation
  11. Electoral Integrity (Boundaries) and Organisation Ethics
  12. Working and Living


The flow of wealth.

  • Create a torodial flow of wealth that flows up and down.  Start at the bottom, heat up the economy so the wealth flows up with the economic spending driver, followed by the trickle down effect of more jobs, more effective wealth distribution and fairness.
  • Collect sufficient taxation to ensure all policies can be delivered in the spirit they are intended and so that the system is sustainable and robust.
  • Less complexity with more straightline relationships between policy and need.

What Happens Now?

We are building a team of people who can pull together the content and technology to provide a platform that is easily accessible and effective in joining people at street level to the influencers and decision makers of policies that affect the daily lives of individuals.

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01 October 2023


01 October 2023

01 October 2023

01 October 2023

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    01 October 2023
    Mehreen Faruqi:...from Victoria that dozens of greyhounds have been left to die from racetrack injuries their trainers refuse to treat. How heartless! We know the boss of Greyhound Racing NSW has been referred to ICAC for corruption allegations. This industry just does not care. It is brutal, and it is rotten to the core. What they do to dogs is repugnant, reprehensible and beyond any skerrick of humanity....
  • Statements by Members: Liberal Party of Australia (23 Mar 2023)
    01 October 2023
    Jerome Laxale:...'s happened over the last 12 years, so here's just a sample of scandal, an amuse-bouche of transgression, if you will. Here we go. Premiers O'Farrell and Berejiklian resigned after a scandal before ICAC. Damien Tudehope, former Liberal leader in the upper house had shares in Transurban, all of which are part of a government that privatised Sydney's roads to-you guessed...
  • Motions: Parliament (23 Mar 2023)
    01 October 2023
    Jacqui Lambie:...Wales Premier's memorandum M2014-07 on the publication of ministerial diaries, an arrangement that's been in place for nearly nine years. The Premier's memo was born out of the 2010 New South Wales ICAC report titled Investigation into corruption risks involved in lobbying. Publishing ministers' diaries is a key anticorruption measure. Official ministerial diaries are already published in...

01 October 2023

01 October 2023

01 October 2023