Imagine if you will, a society where everyone has a place to live that is safe, clean and appropriate to their circumstance.

Imagine if you will a society where children are protected from evil, where they are nurtured and freely and lovingly introduced to higher consciousness and spirituality, devoid of the constructs of evil.

Imagine if you will a society where each person is treated equally, and where each person has the opportunity to become their own ideal.

Imagine a society where people come together to solve their problems in peace and harmony with joy and goodwill at the heart of every thought, action and word.

Can you see a society where we understand and embrace animals as sentient beings and acknowledge their rights as free spirits.

Believe in a society where power, food and water are locally sourced through communities and people are healthy.

Where every owns the responsibility and care of the land and everyone shares in it's precious life giving bounty .

Imagine if you will a land free of chemicals and pesticides.  Air that is clean, water that is free to run pure and clean:  retaining it's memory.

See a land where plastic does not exist and that packaging is protein and water, designed for a time to be productive, before returning, in purity, back to mother earth.

Imagine if you will a society where our governments are revered for their integrity, capability and, connectedness with the people they represent.

Believe in a society where the colour of skin, race or creed is transparent to truth and fairness.

Know the truth, that the richest people on earth are the people who have found their spiritual destiny.

Imagine if you will that there is no word for war because everyone has forgotten how to fight.

Imagine if you will a world where everyone is at one.  Where everyone understands their capabiltiy for good and evil and choose good.

Believe in a society where there is quiet, where mother nature provides the harmony of sound we hear and that machines have been silenced and made obsolete by energy technology.

Imagine a world where we share equally with nature in a way where we can live peacefully, safely and in harmony with each other.

This is our future when we believe in the power of the people as a single connected energy to create the reality we want.

05 August 2021


05 August 2021

05 August 2021

05 August 2021

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  • Questions without Notice: Commonwealth Integrity Commission (23 Jun 2021)
    05 August 2021
    Rex Patrick: Madam Attorney, isn't it the case that the government has delayed a federal ICAC for so long to ensure that the commission will not be operational before the next federal election? Hasn't that been the government's plan all along?
  • Grievance Debate: Luna Park: Ghost Train Fire (22 Jun 2021)
    05 August 2021
    Jason Falinski:...Luna Park strategy, which those opposite sneer at, matters, because, until the historical record is set right, there is nothing to stop it from happening again. Indeed, because the New South Wales ICAC has consistently refused-allow me to underline that word: refused-to investigate the corruption of the Wran and Carr years, while pathetically and threateningly, like those...
  • Bills: Water Legislation Amendment (Inspector-General of Water Compliance and Other Measures) Bill 2021; Second Reading (3 Jun 2021)
    05 August 2021
    Alicia these important reforms. But that's typical of this government, isn't it, Deputy Speaker? This is the government that, after countless corruption and integrity scandals, promised a federal ICAC. Yet 2½ years later we find out in its budget that not a single cent, not a single person, has been allocated to establishing this long-overdue reform-just another case of Scott...

05 August 2021

05 August 2021

05 August 2021