Techology and Work

9th May 2019 - University of Melbourne - School of Government

Technology and the Future of Work Equality

Tim Dunlop and Tim Lyons


The Future of Everything 

ThinkTank per Capita

Alternative Models for Ownership

  • Co-bots

  • Digital colleagues

Robotic measures insidious forms of slavery.

Machine Learning and AI - types of jobs and terms of employment

Technology is currently concentrating wealth in the hands of a few

Work doesn’t have to be for financial reward only

Renewal rather than extraction,consumption and growth

Change the Rules - Lean into Change

Worker ownership of businesses and data - who owns has the power.

Useable wealth and economic power.

Value work differently.

Automony UK Think Tank.

Gov. Rep System failing.

Bottom power to govern.

Tech is changing the economy.  Encourage tech and change attitudes to work and ownership.

Personal Data payment to sovereign trust account and paid back through regulatory framework.

Australia 10% own 49% of wealth.

World 1% own 50% of wealth.

Robert Gordon - Transformative Value.

O’Marer’s law - Early tech is always over estimated and Mature tech is always under estimated.

Open Source tech, e.g., Uber

Central Fund - Mandated fund for all employees.

Citizens Panels - solving problems.

Redistribution of ownership and wealth creation.

Finance Capital.

Australia - Open Government Partnership.

Reforming our Democracy.

23 October 2021


23 October 2021

23 October 2021

23 October 2021

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  • Statements by Senators: COAG Legislation Amendment Bill 2021 (2 Sep 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Rex Patrick:...commission, but he has made time to try and nail down the shutters on the government's decision-making. I repeat: he's found time to shut down transparency; he hasn't bothered at all to introduce an ICAC bill. The PM hates scrutiny. He is allergic to transparency. If the national cabinet amendments in this bill are passed through the parliament, responsible cabinet government will be...
  • Statements by Senators: National Anti-Corruption Commission (2 Sep 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Larissa Waters:...ones we know about, and they don't even include the work-based harassment scandals. If this is the highest level of integrity Australians can expect from cabinet ministers, the case for a national ICAC could not be clearer. It's no wonder the Prime Minister doesn't want one: a strong, independent integrity commission would leave half the cabinet table empty.
  • Bills: National Disability Insurance Scheme Amendment (Improving Supports for At Risk Participants) Bill 2021; Second Reading (23 Aug 2021)
    23 October 2021
    Tony Zappia:...of vulnerable people both by the federal and state government agencies that should have been alerted following: firstly, the Oakden affair, and the chief psychiatrist report into that and the ICAC report into Oakden; the events that precipitated the aged-care royal commission and the disability royal commission; and the countless aged-care reports which painted a clear picture of the risks...

23 October 2021

23 October 2021

23 October 2021