Centrelink Debt

It is now July 2022 and the newly minted Labor Government, with Anthony Albernese at the helm is plunging into the morass of problems left behind by the Morrison LNP.

I welcome this change.

Robodebt has ostensibly been stopped. However, Minister for Social Services, Amanda Rishworth has declared that she will endorse and pursue any "debts" incurred by the people who may have received additional payments because the Centrelink system was fundamentally flawed.

So instead of focussing on strong Governance and addressing the problems with the system, she is nearly as bad as the previous incumbents when it comes to persecuting people who are already living below the poverty line.

A measly 17% of payments were deemed inaccurate ffs - give me a break.   It will cost millions to collect cents in the dollar.  What an incredible waste of resources.

Yahoo News commentary on Minister Rishworth's intentions.

01 October 2023

01 October 2023