Debt Fuelled Ponzi Scheme

“If I had an hour to solve a problem I’d spend 55 minutes thinking about the problem and five minutes thinking about solutions.”"




Below are my observations of the current state of the world, from the perspective of an Australian. 

These are the problems as I see them:

  • Our economy and way of life is being pillaged by the greedy, corrupt and cruel behaviour of the government representing the interests of the affluent.
    • Main stream media has dominated with mis-information and bias
    • Journalists have been co-erced into certain perspectives (e.g., the lack of issues prior to the election and the flood of information after the results).
    • Journalists being targeted by police action.
    • Whistle blowers being penalised for highlighting illegal operations.
    • FOI is expensive and untimely and makes it difficult for Independent Media to provide analysis.
    • Government run media (ABC) have been diluted by reduced funding, management changes, pressure to conform to the current government view.
  • The current capitalist regimes are fuelled by debt.  The debt is generated by government and banks and has no inherent value backing the currency. 
  • Investments and share prices rise based on speculation and belief.  There is no requirement to add value to a business to make the stock price rise (or fall).
    • CEO's are rewarded on stock value
    • Medium-Long term strategies are penalised and Short-term returns are rewarded.
    • Corruption is disguised and rewarded - Enron swindle.
    • The broader population is silenced with mis-information and threats.
  • Increasing gap between the rich and poor:
    • Attitude of the affluent is that the government will look after the poor - don't care about the inequities and de-humanising of the system
    • Inequitable Tax system - feeds the affluent
    • Employment opportunities limited - unskilled / semi-skilled
    • Automation and AI
    • Wages and conditions increasing emotional and mental health problems
    • Ineffective representation
    • Cost of living - housing, energy, food, education
  • High rates of incarceration and cruelty that goes largely un-noticed or is considered un-important by the majority of the population.
    • Debt slavery has become an accepted practice
  • Erratic and callous leadership - USA, Australia, UK.
    • Disenchantment with politicians who have lied and the willingness to believe because the language used in "authentic" it is somehow more honest. Rhetoric fuelling fear and a belief system that blaming "someone else" will help solve their problems.
  • Information overload/mis-information
    • prejudices based on fear are being reinforced
  • Social media polarising and inflaming fear and prejudice
    • Revenue driven strategies encouraging dissent and hatred 
  • Imbalance in media ownership, biased reporting.
    • Vested interests in media ownership for political alliance and political gain
  • Corrupt and unethical behaviour in government becoming the norm.
    • Lack of transparency (FOI)
    • Biased reporting in main stream media:  independent media constrained by finance and reach
    • Ineffectual alternatives
  • The banking system is broken
    • No value backing the currency
    • A culture of greed and power
    • Driving debt to fuel interest based income - no value behind the currency
  • Dismantling the social security system
    • Linguistics - changing terminology and demeaning people who are vulnerable
    • Changing the structure to make it harder to get social security and harder to comply with unnecessary and complex terms.
  • Some politicians are corrupt and unethical and the voices of reason are silent or suppressed.

22 January 2022

22 January 2022