Indue Cash Card Case Study


"that Indue and its owners are to be paid between $4000 and $7000 from the Australian budget as fees for each person on the income management card system including possibly for myself in the future. I understand that how much Indue actually receives of tax payer’s money for each person in its management scheme as an administrative fee, including possibly for myself in the future, will depend upon whether the person resides in an urban or regional location."

"..government intends to extend the operation of the income management welfare card scheme to all welfare recipients soon then the profit Indue can anticipate making from the scheme is in the region of $4.6 billion dollars."

In general, Indue currently blocks merchants rather than products. It provides a list of banned merchants, most of which are pubs and bars in the trial areas. The government says it is automatically accepted at about 900,000 businesses across the country. It notes that the card is also available at major retailers where alcohol is sold, such as Woolworths, Coles and Australia Post.

Cashless Welfare CardBut cardholders have complained about having their cards declined at retailers that do not primarily sell these banned goods. One woman told of her humiliation of being denied at Just Jeans.

A Senate inquiry has heard claims that one mother who could not buy a children’s book from a bookstore was told her card was blocked because the shop also sold books on distilling alcohol.  read more..

It appears that the company involved has one investor, who happens to be a relative of a former National Party leader.

It is estimated that the Indue Card costs $11,000 per person to set up and adds zero value and zero efficiency as far as anyone can tell.

It also limits the spending to two major retailers who are not necessarily in every small town.

It takes money away from small local retailers.

So far, zero benefits, many negatives and a process that is far from transparent.

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06 December 2021

    06 December 2021